Turnkey Manufacturing

Outsourcing the manufacturing of your electronic device’s power solution or battery pack requires a trusted partner that can guide you through every step of the process. With over 40 years of manufacturing innovation and experience, Rosslare has it all covered for you.

Cutting Edge Services

Experience the power of our streamlined solutions, optimized processes, and high-volume production. We provide expert guidance throughout your project.


Our processes are streamlined and finetuned providing our customers with the best services. Our experience with MEI, task timing, line balancing, material control, version control, serialization and QA leads to better pilot runs, ESBs and a path to mass production for your project.


Each project is unique and requires setup of customized tools, production jigs, automations, test fixtures, testing programs, and operator training. With close collaboration and understanding of your needs, we can craft and produce all the elemnts needed for manufacturing your product to the highest standards.

High-Volume Capability

Experiencing a surge in demand for your product? Our manufacturing facilities are designed to accommodate high-volume production, enabling us to meet the demands of even the most substantial orders. We can efficiently ramp up our operations to fulfill large-scale requirements while maintaining strict adherence to quality standards and delivery timelines.

Comprehensive Production & Beyond

Beyond Production offer expert guidance on optimizing your product’s design for efficient manufacturing processes for superior quality outcomes. Additionally, we offer providing invaluable support and advice to navigate complex requirements and certifications necessary for market entry.

Validation Focus

Our rigorous validation workflow, spanning Preliminary Batch Production of meticulously crafted samples and ESB Evaluation aligning processes with design criteria, undergoes comprehensive testing at every stage. This identifies and addresses potential issues, leading to reliable mass production and shipment scenarios that guarantee the final product meets the highest standards, assuring customers of its excellence.

Audit & Testing

For Turnkey manufacturing projects, our Audit process optimizes components through meticulous BOM and cost audits against our databases, recommending cost-effective in-stock alternatives. Comprehensive testing validates each component’s performance, reliability, and adherence to standards, mitigating issues for seamless final assembly integration. This meticulous approach delivers tailored, exceptional quality products maximizing value while minimizing risks, including identifying potential supply chain disruptions, component EOL, and Cost factors that lead to necessitating substitutions.

End-To-End Services

Our turnkey manufacturing offers comprehensive in-house capabilities encompassing tooling, injection molding, laser engraving, epoxy potting, chip bonding, SMT, through-hole, wave soldering, jig production, spot welding, assembly, label dispensing, ICT/FCT testing fixtures and software – delivering high-quality turnkey production solutions under one roof.

Rosslare is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions delivering reliable and cost-effective rechargeable turnkey projects. We cater to projects of any scale, ensuring swift delivery even for demanding quantities. Our 20,000 parts strong ERP system allows us to manage your BOM requirements from the initial Project Discovery phase through post-production processes.

Manufacturing, Testing, And Ultimate Delivery

Our manufacturing process initiates with two critical pre-production phases:

Preliminary Batch Production

  • Crafting a small initial batch for rigorous testing, verification, development, design validation, and assessment of manufacturability.

  • Thorough testing, quality process refinement, and standardization are integral parts of this stage.

ESB Evaluation (Engineering Sample Build)

  • Production commencement follows the successful conclusion of all pre-production procedures.

  • Alignment of manufacturing assessment, testing, and quality processes with the design criteria established during the ESB phase.

Throughout the entire procurement and production journey, Rosslare implements exhaustive audit and testing processes on all cells and battery pack components. This meticulous approach ensures that our customers’ products exceed the promised performance standards and functionality.

Some Of Our Outstanding Manufacturing Capabilities

  • PCB Design and Development
  • Plastic part injection molding and tooling
  • Complete electronics design
  • Metal die cutting & stamping / stamping & forming
  • PCB & electronic assembly using SMT and reflow technologies
  • Insertion-wave soldering production
  • Assembly, printing and packagin
  • Reliable ultrasonic welding and soldering
  • In-house testing, cycling and inspection

Rosslare’s ODM clients enjoy complete stocking and delivery facilities for finished goods that accommodate even the most demanding logistic requirements, including emergency stocks, drop shipments, and special requests to ramp up and down on demand.

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