Innovative Charger Development
and Production Solutions

We specialize in delivering cutting-edge charger design and manufacturing solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our comprehensive services encompass everything from custom-built chargers integrated into your products to advanced multi-bay battery pack chargers. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and performance, we ensure your chargers keep devices powered and ready for action.

Your Partner for Precision Charger Power

We offer comprehensive custom charger design solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our in-house team of experts specializes in developing advanced charging systems for a wide range of applications, from built-in chargers for your products and battery packs to external multi-bay battery pack chargers.


Software and
API Development


Fast and Ultra-Fast

Battery-Charger Communication Interface

Your projects may require BMS with communications, your chargers will feature sophisticated algorithms and interfaces like I2C, SMBus, and CAN that seamlessly integrate with your battery packs. These interfaces enable precise fuel gauging, dynamic charging adjustments, and real-time monitoring of parameters such as state of charge, state of health, and protection alarms. This optimization ensures maximum efficiency, battery life, and reliable performance for your applications.



Digital Services
Software and APIs

Quick and Ultra-Quick

Display And LED Indicators

Our chargers are equipped with built-in screens and LED indicators that provide intuitive understanding of the charging progress and battery condition.


Fast and Ultra-Fast

Display and LED

Digital Services
Software And API Development

Charger Intelligence

Some OEMs offer modern apps to control and view the status of their devices on smart devices. Should your application require an app to manage battery packs and charger settings, our team is experienced with NFC and Bluetooth IC and protocols. We can augment your team to develop such solutions, featuring intelligent charger designs with embedded NFC for easy pairing, Bluetooth connectivity for wireless communication with batteries, and battery activation via applications. Our range of user-friendly features enhances the charging experience with convenient control and monitoring of the charging process.

Modern App

Many OEMs offer apps to control and view device status on smart devices. We can help integrate these features into your projects.

NFC and Bluetooth

Our team is experienced with NFC and Bluetooth IC and protocols, ensuring seamless wireless communication and easy pairing for your chargers.

Charger Designs

We design intelligent chargers with embedded NFC for easy pairing, Bluetooth connectivity, and battery activation via applications, enhancing user experience.


Our solutions offer convenient control and monitoring of the charging process, optimizing the user experience with real-time data and intuitive interfaces.

Rosslare offers end-to-end solutions in battery pack design, combining technical proficiency with innovative approaches to meet your unique requirements.