Unmatched Manufacturing Solutions

Our state-of-the-art facility in Shenzhen, China, offers comprehensive manufacturing capabilities. We deliver best-in-class sourcing and vertically integrated production, including tooling, plastic injection, metal fabrication, SMT, assembly, labeling, chip bonding, and advanced coating services. This diverse equipment ensures we can meet your exact production needs.


105,000 sq ft top-tier manufacturing space located in Shenzhen, China. Less than 30 minutes from the Border by car is highly accessible for Customer visits during inspection and for Engineering Team visits during ramp-up. Capability of 50,000 Battery Packs or Chargers Per Month.


Domain expertise spanning Power Solutions for multiple sectors, including Medical, Telematics and Communications.

ODM Specialization

Leading OEM battery and charger producers known for our quality and performance.

Unwavering Quality, Unmatched Speed:
The Advantage of In-House Manufacturing

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond sourcing the finest materials. Within our state-of-the-art facility lies a vertically integrated powerhouse. Our in-house tooling factory, equipped with cutting-edge CNC, Wire EDM, EDM, lathes, and polishing machines, allows us to craft both soft tools (ideal for 5,000-10,000 unit production) and hard tools capable of high-volume runs (200,000-500,000 units).

Extensive mold bases enable rapid design testing and injection, ensuring your creations never leave our secure environment. This meticulous in-house process, coupled with our state-of-the-art injection machines ranging from 170 to 80 tons, empowers us to deliver exceptional quality with unmatched speed, implementing Just-in-Time (JIT) fabrication for maximum efficiency.

Seamless Integration, Superior Speed: The Power of Our In-House SMT Facility

Unwavering quality extends to the heart of our electronics assembly process. Our four, state-of-the-art SMT lines boast a meticulously designed, fully in-house ecosystem. This empowers us to maintain complete control over every stage, from start to finish. Highly automated loaders ensure a steady flow of components, while advanced stencil printers precisely apply solder paste.

Next, industry-leading pick-and-place machines meticulously position each delicate component with unparalleled accuracy. Finally, our multistage reflow ovens utilize cutting-edge thermal profiles to flawlessly solder components to the board, guaranteeing exceptional electrical connections and long-term reliability. This in-house approach streamlines production, minimizes errors, and delivers superior quality at unmatched speed.

Unmatched Agility, Expert Execution:
The Power of Our In-House Assembly Lines

Our commitment to in-house manufacturing extends to our highly versatile assembly lines. Staffed by a team of expert operators, these lines boast the capability of handling up to 36 processes, all supported by extensive in-house certifications. This translates to remarkable agility, allowing us to switch production lines to arrange new products within a matter of hours.

Leading the charge is our experienced team of Foremen, Line Leaders, and Assistant Line Leaders, Line Clerks, and Line QA. Each member is highly qualified and operates under strict adherence to procedures, following internationally recognized standards, including ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management), and ISO 13485:2003+AC:2009 (Medical Devices).

Additionally, all Manufacturing Engineering Instructions (MEI) are available in both English and Chinese (or other Local Language), facilitating clear communication and streamlined process control across our multilingual workforce. This combination of expertise, agility, and clear documentation empowers us to deliver exceptional quality and efficiency for your projects.

Fully Computerized ERP System
to Achieve Scale:

From R&D Hand samples (20 to 50) to full process ESB (Engineering Samples Build) – 200 to 300 pcs to ramping up to Mass Production.

Our Enterprise Requirements Platform (ERP-2) system enables scheduling and contract review to schedule Purchase Orders to all of the Processes,

to assembly, labeling, and advanced finishing. By eliminating dependence on third-party assemblers, we orchestrate the entire production process with unmatched precision, ensuring exceptional quality and unwavering delivery timelines.

From Manufacturing to Testing and Final Delivery

To guarantee top quality products, pre-production processes precede manufacturing:


Production of a small preliminary batch for testing, verification, development, design & manufacturing ability validation, testing, and quality process and standardization.


Production begins only after all pre-production processes have successfully assessed the manufacturing, testing, and quality processes as designed during the ESB (Engineering Sample Build) stage.


To guarantee that our customer’s product functionality and performance requirements are met, Rosslare employs comprehensive audit and testing processes for all cells and battery pack components throughout the entire procurement and production processes.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • PCB Design, DFT, Tessellation, V-Cut
    de-paneling, QA Inspection
  • 3D Mechanical Design, Rendering, Modelling, Plastic Part Tooling, Injection molding, Mechanical QA Testing
  • Electronics Specification, Design Analog, Digital, RF, Design for Test, Jig Design, Test Specifications
  • Metal Part die cutting, stamping, forming, Plating (Vendor)
  • Component High Speed SMT, and Reflow, Part Insertion-and wave soldering
  • Spot Welding, Micro Spot, Pack Jig Assembly
  • Ultrasonic Welding
    Micro line design
  • In-House Testing,
    Cycling and Inspection
  • Multi-layer Label Production, Artwork Dept, Laser Engraving S/N and Standards marks
  • Epoxy Bonding, wire coil making, A/B Epoxy injection and curing.
  • Reliability and DV, QA Laboratory, Microscopy, Jig Making
  • Standards labs submission and follow up

Accommodations for Scale, Logistics and Storage

Our ODM clients enjoy complete stocking and delivery facilities for finished goods that accommodate even the most demanding logistic requirements, including emergency stocks, drop shipments, and special requests to ramp-up and down on demand.

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