Encompasses a wide range of applications that leverage wireless and cellular communication and geolocation technology to track, monitor, and manage vehicles and assets. Within this ecosystem, rechargeable batteries play a crucial role as as both primary and secondary back-up power to the devices.

Telematics Devices We Power Up

Vehicle tracking

Wireless communication
devices for fleet management

Electronic data logging
devices (EDLs) for compliance

Asset tracking devices
(e.g., GPS trackers)


Devices Essentials

Performance in Harsh

Solutions for demanding environmental conditions; thermal range, vibration resistance, impact resistance and water resistance.

High Energy Density
& Low Self Discharge

Achieve extended operation times for your Telematics device.

Regulatory &
Safety Standards

Fast track compliance leveraging our extensive test lab network and in-house design verification.

Compact Form and
Light Weight

Sleek designs for unobtrusive integration into vehicles, wearables and various equipment.


Minimized downtime for critical devices in fleet management and healthcare monitoring.

Endurance & Long
Service Life

Minimize interruptions with power solutions that last and last.

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