Medical professionals need to depend on their instruments and equipment. Advances in medical technology have driven growth in portable medical devices. Modern medical devices require battery solutions into take advantage of the latest technologies, enabling the mobility, convenience and reliability that builds trust in your device and your brand.

Power Up Your Medical Devices

Handheld ultrasound

Orthopedic bone
growth stimulators

Portable nebulizers
for inhalation therapy

Remote patient monitoring
and treatment devices


Elevate Your Medical Portable Power Solutions

Safety Regulations
& Standards

Compliance ensures patient safety and device efficacy, vital for devices that directly interact with patients or provide critical data.
We have attained certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485, which necessary for your medical device FDA application process.

Precision &

Accurate battery fuel gauging and precision safety measures are especially important in medical devices for patient safety and care.
We partner with the right ICs and cell solutions providers for your target functions and complete design and software development accordingly.

Lightweight &
Energy Density

Extended operation is essential for devices like portable oxygen concentrators and remote patient monitoring devices. In some devices the battery pack can constitute the largest component in the device limiting the choices in the mechanical design. For applications where mobility is critical, our team can help you find the best choices for your needs.

Form Factor

Compact Form Factor for devices such as remote patient monitoring devices, portable imagaing and surgical devices compact design is often a critical design requirement. We have years of experience in providing compact power solutions.

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