Rechargeable battery packs used in diverse industrial applications require endurance in power delivery, and application specific battery management, battery protection, and safety mechanisms. All of these traits need to be embodied in a durable battery pack made to thrive in its intended operating environment.
Dependable power solutions providing durability and long service life deliver the confidence you need to know that you have minimized the need for frequent service or battery replacements.

Industrial Devices We Power Up

Portable POS terminals & handheld RFID readers for inventory management

Portable Measurement and Testing Instruments

Portable area lighting systems

Backup power for Portable Pumping and Fluid Transfer Devices


Key Attributes Of
Reliable Industrial Tools

Durability &

Industrial devices are required to deliver high power while withstanding harsh environments and heavy usage.

High Power And
High Current

High power on demand requirements are fulfilled by purpose fit cell selection and application specific circuitry.

Low Self

Extended operation time in devices disconnected from power depends on your battery pack’s ability to retain and deliver that power over a long period of time. The battery pack must be ready for use on-demand, even after extended storage.

Safety & Regulatory

Depend on our vast experience and complete solutions for all your compliance requirements.

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