Welcome to Rosslare Rechargeable!

Rosslare Rechargeable is a global business unit dedicated to providing cutting-edge battery pack and charger solutions. As part of the Rosslare Group, we leverage a vast network of expertise and resources to empower your electronic devices.

The Rosslare Group:
A Global Force in Innovation

The Rosslare Group is a leading international holding company that fosters a network of innovative businesses across multiple locations, including Hong Kong, China, the United States, India, and Israel. United by a shared passion for growth, the Rosslare Group’s core mission is to cultivate strong brands and develop cutting-edge products that push the boundaries of their respective industries. Through a collaborative environment and a strategic global presence, the Rosslare Group empowers its subsidiaries to achieve excellence.

Unmatched Power Solutions:

Global Reach,
Localized Expertise:

Our geographically diverse team operates within the Rosslare Group network, ensuring we possess a deep understanding of global market trends and can tailor solutions to your specific regional needs.


We foster a collaborative environment that extends beyond Rosslare Rechargeable. By leveraging the expertise of sister companies like Rosslare Enterprises Ltd. and Rosslare Electronics, we bring a combined wealth of knowledge to every project.


We are constantly pushing boundaries in battery and charger design. We integrate the latest advancements into our solutions, ensuring your devices have the power they need to perform at their peak.

is Key:

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop custom battery pack and charger solutions that perfectly integrate with your devices.


At Rosslare Rechargeable, quality and reliability are paramount. We employ rigorous testing procedures and utilize top-tier materials to ensure our solutions deliver consistent, dependable power for your devices.

The Rosslare Rechargeable Advantage:

As a dedicated business unit within the Rosslare Group, we offer a unique combination of global reach and localized expertise. This allows us to provide you with:

Dedicated Team:

You’ll have a dedicated team of experts at Rosslare Rechargeable working closely with you throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to final product delivery.

Streamlined Communication:

Our global network ensures clear and efficient communication, keeping you informed and involved at every stage of the project.

Scalability and Flexibility:

We can adapt to your specific needs, whether you require a small batch of custom solutions or large-scale production runs.

A New Chapter for
Physical Security Solutions

Rosslare Secure Access Solutions, formerly a Rosslare Group business unit, has transitioned to a new owner. This strategic move allows both entities to focus on their core areas of expertise and achieve continued success.

The Rosslare Group remains firmly committed to fostering innovation and growth in other sectors. We continue to develop and empower our existing subsidiaries, and we are constantly exploring new ventures that align with our vision.


For inquiries regarding Rosslare Secure Access Solutions, please contact [email protected]. We are confident that the brand, now under the Synerion Group, a part of the public Malam/Team group, will continue to develop and deliver exceptional security solutions. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

To learn more about the details of this divestment, please refer to our official press release (link to be added).

Please note that Rosslare Secure Access Solutions is no longer part of the Rosslare Group. We are focused on cultivating new brands and products in other sectors, and we invite you to explore the exciting possibilities that await within he Rosslare Group.

The Power of Partnerships

At Rosslare Rechargeable, we understand that success hinges on collaboration. We’ve cultivated a robust network of development partners, including leading semiconductor companies, cell manufacturers, embedded software specialists, hardware development engineering firms, and test and QA equipment suppliers. These strategic partnerships ensure we have access to the latest advancements and a reliable supply chain to meet your project’s specific needs. This collaborative approach empowers us to deliver cutting-edge solutions with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

Extensible CM (Contract Manufacturing)
for Scalability

We recognize that your project requirements may evolve. To cater to this flexibility, we offer Extensible CM, a service that leverages our partnerships with experienced Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers. These sub-contractors extend our manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to manage the entire process or integrate them seamlessly into your existing supply chain. While managing custom CM solutions in locations like Vietnam and the Philippines may incur additional costs due to logistics and remote team oversight, we offer customized quotes upon request. This option provides you with the scalability and flexibility to adapt your manufacturing needs as your project progresses.

Check out our
Manufacturing Capabilities

Unmatched Expertise in
Regulatory Compliance

Rosslare boasts a long history of successfully navigating the complexities of compliance. We understand the importance of meeting the strictest industry standards and legal requirements for battery packs and chargers. Our rigorous approach begins with meticulous lab pre-testing to ensure every product is on track to meet these standards from the outset.