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Uncover all your options to specify your needs and augment your research & development.

OEM & ODM Rechargeable Solutions

Take advantage of our 40+  years of experience in custom power solutions together with our time-tested design and manufacturing processes.

Our proven supply chain alliances and innovative technology are here to empower your research & development team, guaranteeing your OEM and ODM requirements are smoothly met without fail. With our team, your custom power packs & chargers can be designed and produced with confidence and a fast time-to-market.

From specification and documentation of your needs, to cell selection, pack design, and software for fuel gauging and protection, our team will guide you seamlessly through the entire process.

Turnkey Rechargeable Solutions

Are you searching for a reliable second-source supplier for your ongoing projects, offering a competitive advantage?

Are you seeking a dedicated team to collaborate with your engineers and marketing efforts? Rosslare’s extensive experience brings a wealth of expertise across multiple domains, allowing you shorten your development path and reach your manufacturing goals. Equipped with a fully integrated, highly capable fabrication facility, we can transform your innovative ideas into successful realities, assisting your product team in identifying and developing new options, expanding possibilities and opportunities.

Receive an offer that beats your expectations in terms of quality, business targets and delivery.

Your Partner for Achieving Compliance

Our industry-leading processes simplify your compliance efforts.

The experienced Rosslare team can assist with your product compliance requirements, including regulatory lab testing, regulatory filings, and the necessary shipping-related certification and documentation for both air and sea transport. This ensures compliance for both regulatory and transportation requirements.

Let’s talk about your needs and how we can help you achieve your targets


Rechargeable Product Domain
Experience & Excellence

Battery Pack
Design Partner

Rosslare’s fully integrated operation has in house R&D, tool design & production, plastic injection, metal forming, Lead free SMT and through hole soldering, FCT and ICT testers, epoxy sealing, laser engraving, label production and more.

Accelerate certification time by leveraging our in house design verification and qualification lab, and extensive connections to external independent certification labs.
Once we know your needs, we can provide an enlightening & professional experience to help specify and optimize your offering with rapid prototyping for mechanics and electronics for your solutions.

Leveraged Right

Our deep understanding of high-tech electronics manufacturing, combined with our strong relationships with the best key component and cell vendors in the industry empower us to meet all of your requirements.

Driven by innovation with passion for technological advance, Rosslare brings four decades of experience in this domain.

With us, you can partner with the best cell manufacturers, and latest IC solutions to reach your specifications.

Global Reach
and Availability

Rosslare’s team serves global markets. Headquartered in Hong Kong with dedicated manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, we provide invaluable support to international clients, offering extensive domain engineering and sourcing expertise.

Rosslare’s US offices, ensure high availability for our US and Canadian customers during North America time zones.

Industry Wide
Experience & Performance


Maximize the potential of your telematics products, with battery solutions that can provide ultra-low standby currents and peak current drivers for your geolocation and wireless communications.


Take advantage of our decades long experience and ISO 13485 accreditation to support FDA requirements for your medical device solutions.


Whatever field your portable device requirement are in, we can deliver reliable and safe design solutions tailored for diverse environments and applications. Leverage our knowledge to enhance and improve your device’s performance and reliability.

IoT and Wearables

IoT devices depend on compact, durable, and lightweight batteries with high energy density that are able to remain safe with performance stability (for both low continuous or moderate pulsed current applications) over the lifetime of device. They need to be dependable through various storage durations and conditions, and reliable when used across a wide range of temperatures in both indoor and outdoor applications. Selecting the right battery, that will power your device through its entire required service life is essential. Do you need an IoT battery solution that reaches the perfect performance for your application? Connect with us.

Original Design Manufacturer

Custom Battery Packs

Custom Chargers

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